Where to sell used books in New York city?

used books shop near me in NYC

A few years ago, I went to the state of New York for the first time.

I landed at the JFK airport, checked out my baggage, and stood in the line for a cab.

Then, a good cab driver took me to Long Island wherein I had to stay in one of the prestigious global hotels.

I arrived at an odd hour, my check-in was due in an hour but on request, the modest staff of the hotel gave me the key card to my room.

The room was a little messy because someone checked-out of it a few moments ago and the housekeeping staff didn’t perform the cleaning yet.

I started looking around, the wardrobe was vacant, the drawers had nothing, although a few chocolate wrappers were lying next to the bed.

Of all these, one thing caught my attention. On the study table, beside the lamp, I saw a stack of books.

They didn’t seem to belong to the hotel.

On further investigation, I discovered that those were used books.

Obviously, they belonged to the guy who recently checked out of the room.

A few minutes later, a housekeeping staff came in, gave me a greeting chuckle, and started making the chairs which were turned away from each other.

I am sure two people sat on them to put their shoes on. After wearing, they moved towards the door thus, changing the direction of the chairs.

I asked the housekeeping boy, "Whose books are these?"

The boy replied, "These belong to Mr. Smith, he stayed in the room before you. He was a reader Sir. Everyday after 8 pm, he would read books. He even told me that the best time for reading books of fiction is in the night."

"He is moving to NJ. He wanted to sell these books to a used bookstore in NYC as he didn't them in his new house. He also asked me if I knew any place."

The staff continued, “I ain’t know no place so couldn’t tell him nothing. He was looking ahead to sell books in New York city which were taking a lot of space on his study table”.

The main issue is to find places that buy used books for cash in NYC

I know, as a voracious reader, that this problem is quite common among book readers and students.

People who have small apartments can’t keep a bookshelf as large as those found in the houses of lawyers.

Many New Yorkers, particularly students, are searching every time on the internet for New York city used bookstores.

They do it so that they can sell their used books for cash.

As most of us know the only major option that is available in NYC is the Strand Bookstore.

Strand bookstore is the best-used bookstore in NYC. It has a wide collection of used books of various genres.

Strand also gives you a fair price depending on the condition of your book but it has to be in demand.

I mean they hold the right of rejecting your used books if those books don’t meet their criteria.

One more option is that you sell books by weight.

But in the fast-running New York City, it is hard to find a place where you can do so.

Luckily, if you discover such a place, the traveling cost will exceed the amount which you will get by selling books by weight.

The problem generates from the closing of the used bookstores in Manhattan

A few years ago, there were many used bookstores which made the selling of used books in NYC easier.

Those bookstores did have a wide collection of used books. You could buy some amazing ones from them at some low prices.

The people loved them but the real estate increasing costs made the rent unbearable for so many old bookstores in NYC that they had to shut down.

Unfortunately, the second-hand books they sold could not cover the operational costs.

Few moved to some other low-cost neighborhood where their clientele got profoundly affected.

the closing new york city used bookstores

The closing of used bookstores in downtown NYC and the shifting of a few to low-cost localities have created problems for book readers.

This has also made reading expensive for them.

Even the foreigners who visit the city are looking for foreign language books.

French and Chinese immigrants are seeking Chinese & French bookstores in NYC.

foreign bookstores in NYC

Source - > Tripadvisor.in

The high rental cost has made it unsustainable for medium to small used bookstores in New York.

Thus, there are few sources to address the used book needs of New Yorkers.

When NYC has no used bookstores then you can’t buy books at a low price; in such a situation to sell your books seems a far cry. Thus, the guy left his used books in the hotel.

So, the big question remains where to sell used books in NYC?

The best solution for used books in NYC

To sell your books in NYC the first thing you’d do is find a bookstore that is near to your place.

At least it must be near the place where you work or study.

Because of all the problems, it is difficult to find brick-and-mortar stores.

Yet, if you look at it with a different mindset then why do you need to sell used books to a bookstore.

You need people to whom you can sell your old books; the people living in New York City who give you cash for books which you sell them.

An imagination will clarify my point

Suppose you are a traveler who visited NYC 15 days ago and you bought an NYC travel book.

Now, you’re about to leave NYC.

You think of selling this travel book to another traveler or to a person who needs it, who is somewhere around you in NYC.

If you find the right buyer for your travel book then not only you will create more space for the NYC souvenirs but you will also get a good price for it.

I am sure you’re wondering now,” where can I sell my used books for cash in person near me in New York? where am I going to find such a person? On the way to work, how am I going to identify the person who is seeking to buy my books?”

One common answer to all these questions is bx-zone.com

bx-zone.com is a website using which you can sell second-hand books in NYC.

You can sell your books to students, readers, and bibliophiles who are seeking to buy your books at a low price.

The only task which you’ve to do is list your used books in its used bookstore and that is it.

Your used books are ready to spread around in NYC through the power of the Internet.

Thus, those people who are looking forward to buying those books at a discount will see them.

This way you can make decent money from the books you would like to get rid of.

Imagine you list your used books, and John living in the next block also lists his used books.

Also, Sandra living 10 blocks away list her second-hand books and likewise, thousands of New Yorkers list their old books.

So, you can imagine bx-zone becoming a used bookstore endorsing almost all New York city used books.

When you make money from old books then you save the environment

You must be thinking what point I am trying to make? What idea am I introducing? How can you make money from your used books and also save the environment?

But, I know what I am talking about and I will prove it to you in the points below.

I am not stating that the money you make - equal to your used books value - you donate it to an NGO which plants trees.

There is a different logic behind it -

1. You make money by selling books to people around you in NYC

Since you have discovered a way to sell your old books in NYC. Suppose, you follow it and happen to sell your books to different people in New York City. Thus, you make decent money.

You will earn money much more than a used book scrap dealer can offer you.

This is because you sell your books to someone who needs them, and thus, your books are worth more.

2. Thousands of used books in New York city move from people to people and thus, the trees will produce less paper.

Imagine, thousands and thousands of New Yorkers adapt the same way to sell their books.

So, now all New York city second-hand books move from people to people.

This reduces the demand for already published books at least those, which were published more than 5 years ago.

As I said, they won't cut more trees to produce more paper.

If you think about one or two or ten used books then saving the trees seems a far cry.

But if you think of all NYC used books combined, this entire process will make a massive difference.

In this way, you will be contributing to the environment.

3. Point proved - you make money, you save the environment

So, when you sell used books online then you are making money. At the same time, you are making a massive contribution to the environment by saving trees.

bx-zone.com is where I sell my used books in NYC

When I saw books on the study table in the hotel, I felt that the guy who left them must have this big question in his head, “Where can I sell my books in NYC?”.

He enquired with the housekeeping staff a bunch of times about the cheap used bookstore in NYC.

He wanted to find a bookstore in Manhattan where he can give away his books. But, he got no answer on time so, he abandoned his books.

I associate myself with this feeling too. Every time I see books on my table, which I have read already, I believe in replacing them with different books.

I don't care if the books are brand new or second-hand books.

To address such used book needs I have started bx-zone.com.

bx-zone is different from the rest of the used bookstores in Manhattan New York.

I see bx-zone.com as a medium through which I can sell used books near me and its concept is simple.

I also see it as the only second-hand bookstore in NYC which is run by book lovers, NYU students, voracious readers, and bibliophiles.

I have done enough talking about the used bookstores in NYC.

I also told you that I use bx-zone to sell my used books in NYC but let me also tell you how to use it now.

So, below here is the step by step procedure to use it.

bx-zone.com puts the process of used books buy and sell in your own hands which means that you have got all the power.

1. To gain this power the first thing that you have to do is to sign up on bx-zone.com

sign up in the used bookstore

2. The next step that you need to do is log into your account. and move to the used bookstore.

login bx-zone

Over here a pop-up will appear; you have to enter a few details like your city and your interests so that bx-zone can show you the second-hand books as per your preference.

Used bookseller details

You can skip putting in these details as of now.

3. Now, I am sure you are wondering how to sell your books for which click on the ‘sell used books online’ option.

If you are a student and want to sell your college books then I recommend you to bring the stack of books in front of you to not miss any.

click on sell used books online

4. You will see a form on the screen along with a map of the United States on the right-hand side.

If you are working on a laptop then it will appear on the right. If you are accessing bx-zone.com from a phone then it will appear below the form.

enter the detail of your used book

5. Start filling the form with the details of your book; fill in the original price and write the selling price.

bx-zone.com believes that the bookseller can only derive the correct used book’s value. Hence, the choice of the selling price is also with you.

6. Enter the city as ‘New York’ because buyers search for used books they need by city.

mark the location of your 2nd hand book

7. Mark the pick-up point on the map. You can set it as your home or any place in NYC where you’re comfortable handing over your books to the book buyers.

8. I am trying to sell my books and I don’t know who buys used books near me. The only thing I know is that some people near me could buy my books, so they are my potential buyers.

This calls for an attractive sales pitch which you must write in the description box.

9. The stage is set now. All you have to do is hit the ‘contact owner’ button. After this, your book will start appearing in the used bookstore of bx-zone.com

book appears in the used bookstore online

What happens next?

Let’s say you have listed all your course-required books of NYU in the used bookstore at a 50% discount.

Also, living in New York City, I am searching for the same books with a desire to buy them at a low price.

I am trying to locate a used books shop near me and thus, stumble onto bx-zone.com on Google.

on bx-zone.com, I see your books listed in the used bookstore;

When I look at the map location on the profile page of your book, I find that their pickup point is close to my workplace.

So, I hit the ‘contact owner’ button on all your books. As a result of which you get emails with my contact information.

The next thing which happens is that we are in conversation about your used books, fixing the deal.

Then, I meet you at the pick-up point, take books from you & pay you the agreed sum.

Benefits of used books resale through bx-zone.com

So, I made you think as if you were an NYU student and you happened to sell your textbooks through bx-zone.com.

You made good money which is the exact amount you set as the selling price of your textbooks.

Had you given them to a book scrap dealer you would have made 5% of the MRP.

Book scrap dealers pay you little money and then make a big margin by giving them to a facility that performs recycling of books.

If thousands of NYU students list their used books online in the bookstore of bx-zone, it is going to solve the used books needs of many students.

Think about it from the perspective of the book buyers.

If I am a buyer then bx-zone.com acts as an amazing used books store near me.

Why ‘near me’? Because it is accessible from my phone and my laptop.

All the used books are near me now as the individual booksellers near me have listed them for sale.

Also, I am saving a huge amount of money on books which I can use for some other purpose.

It’s like one person’s gain is another person’s saving which makes it a win-win situation.


We think that selling used books of previous grades or semesters or novels is not going to fetch money.

But, let me tell you that the industry of used books in the USA is huge.

The youth as well as adults prefer to buy second hand books in USA as much as they prefer to buy brand new books

foreign bookstores in NYC

Source - > Statista.com

So, when you have used books to sell online then bx-zone.com provides a grand opportunity to you.

By using bx-zone.com you will save a lot of trees.

Yes, it is one of the sites for used books but also it is different in its operation.

Its main focus is to help you sell your books online.

So, will you be putting your first used book on bx-zone.com now? Which book would you like to sell - a textbook or a novel or an autobiography? Will you tell your friends about this website?

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